Healing Flower
Healing Flower

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At Natural Health Solutions, we are passionate about you truly living, not simply existing.  With the help of our whole body, individualized approach you can break free from the restraints of your illness and begin to discover, reach, and enjoy life at, your true potential. 

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    Successfully Manage Mental Health Conditions so You Can Get Your Life Back    

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I met Dr. Pare near the end of 2014 when I was at a very low place in my life. I'm certain God led me to her. She is not only a brilliant homeopathic practitioner, but also a compassionate person with great instincts. 
Because of her knowledge of homeopathic remedies and her persistency in finding the right one, I'm a different person today. The depression has lifted and I have so much more harmony in my life. I've even lost 30 pounds.
We do things a little differently.

We see you for the unique individual that you are and take a holistic, personalized approach to healthcare.  Each patient receives ample face to face time with our doctor, an individualized healing plan and complimentary follow ups to ensure the plan is going well and to answer any questions that may arise after your initial visit.

We are your partners in health and are truly dedicated to your healing. To find out more about our alternative method, please visit our What to Expect page.


Kathy J.


When I met Dr. Paré, I was in bad shape. I was in grief from losing a child, and I was experiencing severe health problems. I felt so hopeless on my first visit, I stared at the floor and cried the entire session!
I knew deep down, that the help I needed was something beyond a quick exam and a prescription. I searched out Dr. Paré because she believed in healing the whole person. She listened deeply and took her time to fine-tune a slow, but effective treatment plan that was custom-tailored to my body's needs. Not only did I completely recover from the ailments I started with, I regained a range of motion and vitality that I hadn't enjoyed since my twenties! Dr. Paré is a true healer, with empathy, patience and trust in the body's own desire to be whole. I cannot say enough good things about her.


Stephanie S.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over ... it became a butterfly
                                                                                                   - English Proverb                           
There is always hope​
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