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"The smallest step in the right direction, may turn out to be the biggest step of your life." 

...and Capable
          YOU are!

Hi, I'm Courtney.

I’m Courtney Paré, a licensed naturopathic doctor and holistic relationship coach. I’m a passion driven truth seeker, authenticity lover, compassion giver, limiting-belief warrior… and on some days, a big ball of anxiety myself! 

I get what it feels like to be stuck. To have read the books, listened to the podcasts, talked to therapists until you could (and often would) regurgitate your story in your sleep. And to still feel like something isn't clicking in your life.

I specialize in helping you shift years of maladaptive programming that is keeping you “stuck” into new patterns where you can finally move forward with the life you're craving.  I guide you toward relying on your inner wisdom, allowing for love-based versus anxiety-based decisions and the creation of healthy, authentic relationships.

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I help powerful, holistically-minded people, who are dedicated to seeking a greater awareness within themselves, profoundly transform their life and relationships.

I believe anxiety, emotional walls, and destructive patterns develop over time as a means of protecting ourselves. When we get to the crux of what we are protecting ourselves from, we allow for the creation of healthier, more aligned alternatives to achieve that same level of security. 

The work is not easy. But neither is waking up everyday knowing you don't have the relationship with yourself, or your partner, you desire and deserve.

The sense of connection and peacefulness you crave starts with the decision to take one step in a new direction.  I can’t do it FOR you, but I can do it WITH you, and would be honored to do so!

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